Skiing and Snowboarding

Tiffindell Ski Resort is a fully equipped winter snow resort with state of the art snowmaking and grooming equipment, ski lifts, ski shop and ski school. The resort has an immaculately groomed ski area and offers three months of skiing each year during June, July and August by way of natural and man-made snow. Making snow is an expensive undertaking and contributes a major portion to the cost of your experience, so we hope you understand this when looking at the package rates. We love skiing and would love you to share this absolutely unique experience right here in the middle of SA. The weather is unpredictable and Mother Nature always has the last say. We cannot tell you when the conditions will be better than another time (one of our most common questions). From historical experience we can have skiable snow on the slopes from 8th June to end of August in an average season.

The Slopes - there is a 100m wide beginner slope of 80m in length serviced by a rope tow. There is a Main Slope (which would be a red run from above the Yeti Bar) and the Gully Slope, a blue run. Two long “button” lifts will take you back up the mountain after each run. Tiffindell offers slope lengths of around 1.3km in total, descending from the highest peak in the Eastern Cape Province. The Main Slope gets increasingly steeper the higher you go up and has been “homologated” by The International Ski Federation (FIS) for Slalom and Giant Slalom courses. The only FIS race on the African continent are held here annually since inception in the 2014 winter.

If your children love the sport they should be encouraged to join our Junior Development Program.

The Ski Academy (ski training and schooling at the resort for the winter) is in operation and run by 3 time Olympic skier and South African National Ski Coach, Alex Heath. Please enquire if you have kids looking to further themselves in ski racing or perhaps become a ski instructor as a future career. Places are limited to 20 children per season.

 If you wish to carry on actively/socially join the Tiffindell Ski Club or the Tiffindell Snowboarders Club

A snow fun-park with rails and jumps is erected on the middle island for the more adventurous ski and snowboard enthusiasts. 

Day visitors must check in at Reception and pay for their ski lift pass and ski hire for the period required. Ski Lessons may be paid at this stage as well.


The cost of hiring standard skis or snowboards (and boots) is included in your package when you stay at Tiffindell Ski Resort. Carving skis are available for hire for the more experienced, and we also offer Big Foot skis as well as freestyle snowboards. The latest fashions in ski clothing is available at the Ski & Snowboard Shop at the resort. Some jackets and pants are available for rental.

Snowboards will be available to suit 10 years & up. We will keep freestyle boards for easy learning & variety of use.


Our highly experienced local and international instructors will teach you to ski or snowboard quickly and safely whether you’re aged 6 or 60.

Tiffindell has skilled ski and snowboard instructors, who will teach you to ski in a controlled and safe environment, and ensure that by the end of your stay, you will be able to carve down the slopes with control.  A beginner ski or snowboard course is compulsory for first timers, on specially prepared flat beginner areas. After your course, you should be skiing or snowboarding on your own with control and using the beginner lift. As you gain confidence, you will move onto the main slope.  Private, beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons will be available on request.

We recommend that you go to an artificial ski slope for lessons before coming to Tiffindell. This will enable you to start skiing as soon as you arrive. Better basics, control and less chance of injury.  The Ski Deck® in Randburg offers a course of 6 lessons for R2450.


WORRIED ABOUT INJURY? The resort will have an experienced medic on duty, with a first aid room, independently operated by a third-party specialist medical service provider.  Consultations are for your account. The first aid room will also dispense non-prescription medical & toiletry supplies. 


Take the right ski clothing on your ski / snowboard holiday as weather conditions can change rapidly in the mountains. For beginners, it may be best to hire ski clothing. The Ski Deck in Randburg hires ski jackets and ski pants, and has the best range of good value for money ski clothing, used, rental or new in South Africa. 

Ski or snowboard jacket: Snow jackets should be lightweight, warm, water and windproof with lots of pockets and not too tight. A proper ski jacket (and pants) is highly breathable as you are doing much more work than, for example, a hiker.  

Ski or snowboard pants: should have the same properties as jackets.  

Thermal base layer: Long sleeve vest and long johns for the layer next to your skin providing a warm, breathable base that draws moisture away from the skin. 

Hats: Always carry a hat even if it's sunny when you leave your chalet in the morning. 

Gloves or mittens: These should be waterproof, warm and durable. They should be large enough to keep air circulating around the fingertips. 

Socks: Choose specialist ski or snowboard socks which are seamless – at least two pairs for washing purposes. 

Goggles & sunglasses: These protect your eyes from the wind and strong UV light reflected off the snow. Goggles are better when it's cold or snowing. 

Sun protection: Due to the high altitudes in South Africa always use a high factor sun cream for your face, ears and neck and apply lip salve regularly throughout the day.


A TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY that covers winter holidays/sports is essential - it should cover being snowed in or snowed out of the resort. Winter Sports activities may carry a higher premium so make sure you check your policy / medical aid before you leave.

Get Ski Fit

You don’t have to be an international athlete to go on a ski holiday but doing some exercise before you go will enhance your enjoyment. Ski lessons are the best for ski fitness while learning at the same time. Call the Ski Deck in Randburg for a set of pre-ski excercises.

Get a Lesson Before You Go

For beginners, ski holidays are often easier if a few lessons are taken at a local ski slope before your holiday. A session on The Ski Deck with a qualified instructor will provide a feel for the equipment and basic technique before taking to the real stuff. You will be amazed what a difference it makes on day one! 

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